This is on a docked barge, the Battersea Barge, and the venue is affected by the tidal river The Thames (albeit mildly). If you are prone to motion sickness and/or sea sickness, please check tidal times before attendance. The venue space is in the lowest part of the boat, where people are generally least affected by motion/sea sickness; however, if you are not accustomed to being aboard a boat, you may still be affected by the tide. By attending the event you have willingly accepted the risk of potentially experiencing motion and/or sea sickness as the result of the location of the event space on a barge docked on the tidal river The Thames.

As a result of passing boats, the Barge occasionally mildly rocks. Attendees also have willingly accepted that they must bear that in mind whilst dancing and moving around the event space and venue, and so must take responsibility for their safety and the safety of others.

The Barge operates a strict 18+ policy. Please bring valid ID that shows your date of birth (DOB). If you are lucky enough to look under 25 you will be asked for valid ID showing your DOB. If you fail to show valid ID with your DOB, you may be barred from entering. The Barge welcomes well-behaved dogs, but dogs are barred from entering the event space.

Attendees are responsible for their own belongings. Battersea Blues accepts no liability for any damage, loss, or theft for any personal and/or business belongings.

DO NOT attend the event if you are unwell, and wash your hands frequently during the event. We want to spread the joy of dancing, not colds, COVID and the ‘flu, inter alia.

Dancers dance and listen to the music at their own risk. Warm-up and cool-down properly before and after dancing. Practice responsible dancing: be aware of other dancers around you, your partner, any limitations of space, and the floor. Stay hydrated throughout the night. Drink alcohol responsibly. The consumption of illegal substances is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to have consumed illegal drugs will be removed. Battersea Blues accepts no liability for any physical and/or mental injury, damage, loss, or theft resulting from attendees acting and/or dancing recklessly, dangerously and/or irresponsibly, which includes but is not limited to, dancing whilst under the influences of legal and/or illegal substances, dancing recklessly and/or dangerously, dancing with no thought to themselves or others within the space, dancing whilst dehydrated, dancing in inappropriate and/or dangerous footwear, dancing without having properly warmed-up, etc.

The Barge’s lower deck can get quite hot and sweaty. It is recommended to have extra t-shirts with you as a result, and to take breaks on the upper deck.